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Angela M. Turner

Recognized for her real-time research and program strategies that help organizations mobilize and respond to opportunities, Angela Turner brings together a team of Ph.D. researchers, evaluation consultants, and other associates to assist clients in successfully implementing and evaluating large-scale, government-funded programs. For over 30 years, Turner has provided training programs and technical assistance for large-scale programs funded by the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and Justice. Her expertise lies in assisting nonprofits to build capacity to professionally design, operat­e, and evaluate federal grants. Turner transfers lessons learned from evidence-based program management to AMTC’s network of community-based nonprofit organizations located in 250 communities across 23 states.

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Ryan Adomavich

Senior Evaluation Associate

Since 2007, Ryan Adomavich has worked with AMTC in evaluation services. He currently plays an extensive role with AMTC’s overall collection of program data for numerous projects…

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Jerome Brody

Entry Level Evaluation Associate

Jerome Brody joined the AMTC evaluation team as an entry level evaluation associate working in the Milwaukee office. His duties include assisting with evaluation tasks with the…

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Torri Childs

Field Research Associate

Torri Childs has worked alongside AMTC since 2008 to provide management and supervision of three federal grants and one state grant (totaling $2.4 million annually) in the areas…

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Melanie Porterfield

Senior Evaluation Associate

Melanie provides consultation and training services for AMTC clients and has served as the lead evaluation consultant for more than $60 million in federal teen…

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Ann Wolter

Senior Evaluation Associate

Ann Wolter is the owner of Wolter Consulting Services, specializing in program design, evaluation implementation, and grant management services in the areas of teen pregnancy…

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Sara Woods

Senior Evaluation Associate

Sara Woods has worked with AMTC since 2007. She has provided evaluation systems and services for federally funded family strengthening projects dating back to 2005…

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Jeanette Stevens

Implementation Evaluation Consultant – Workforce and Family Programs

Jeanette Stevens has 20+ years of social service program development and management experience in the areas of housing, pre-trial criminal justice…

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Brooklynn Lawrence-Krol

Administrative Coordinator

Brooklynn Lawrence-Krol’s AMTC responsibilities include confidential administrative support for the principal executive such as managing the schedule/calendar…

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Jessica Ramsey

Director of Finance and Administration

Jessica’s responsibilities include office management and accounting tasks for various state and federally funded grant program client accounts.  She develops and maintains the office operations…

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Samuel A. Taylor

Research Evaluation and
Data Compliance Associate

Samuel Taylor is a data scientist specializing in social science research. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago where he studied sociology…

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June Perry

Sustainability Consultant – Stakeholder & Community Relations

June Martin Perry is well known in Milwaukee and nationally for her work in the nonprofit arena. She prefers to call herself a “social entrepreneur” rather than a nonprofit…

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Jaclyn Schiessl

Grants Coordinator

Since 2012, Jaclyn Schiessl has worked in association with AMTC in a variety of capacities. She has served as the Administrative Coordinator of Programs, providing program…

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Razia Azen, Ph.D.

Independent Evaluation Consultant
Fatherhood Programs

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Consulting Office for Research & Evaluation
Quantitative Research Consultant

Dr. Razia Azen is an independent evaluation consultant who has worked with AMTC since 2016. Dr. Azen leads the AMTC team in overseeing the impact…

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Cynthia Osborne, Ph.D.

Independent Evaluation Consultant
Family Strengthening Programs & Teen Pregnancy Prevention

University of Texas at Austin, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Qualitative Researcher

Dr. Osborne is an Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Health and Social Policy at the University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs…

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Lori A. Rolleri, MSW, MPH

Independent Evaluation Consultant
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evaluation Consultant

Lori Rolleri Consulting
Independent Public Health Consultant

Ms. Rolleri joined AMTC in October, 2015, as a TPP Evaluation Consultant. She has over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating…

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Stan Weed, Ph.D.

Independent Evaluation Consultant
Sexual Risk and Avoidance Programs

Institute for Research and Evaluation
Co-Founder & Director

Dr. Weed completed his PhD in 1978 at the University of Washington in the field of Social Psychology. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in his field…

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Mark Adashun, CPA

Adashun Financial Services, S.C.
CPA & Financial Officer

Mark Adashun has been a certified public accountant for 35 years and has provided individualized technical assistance for secular and faith-based nonprofit…

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Joshua Becker

Writer; Editor; Curriculum Developer

Joshua coordinates all aspects of AMTC’s bi-monthly newsletter, including writing, editing, and providing input into design. The newsletter reaches across multiple states and reaches a diverse group…

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Jim Beer, Ph.D.

Planning and Grant Writing Consultant

Jim Beer, Ph.D., is a fund development and organizational consultant whose experience includes grant writing, fund raising, legislative advocacy, state program licensure/certification…

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James Bernhardt, MPH

Independent Evaluation Consultant
Reentry and Family Strengthening Programs

Shughuli Research Group
Founder & Principal

James Bernhardt is the Founder & Principal of Shughuli Research Group (SRG) and has worked with AMTC & Associates since 2018. He leads…

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William Clay

Implementation Evaluation Consultant – Workforce and Family Programs

Since joining AMTC in 2010, William has provided expertise and technical assistance as a project liaison to launch and implement nine Department of Labor projects…

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Lucas Pastorfield-Li

Research Assistant

Lucas Pastorfield-Li serves AMTC by inputting and analyzing data pertaining to its nationwide teen pregnancy prevention and sexual preparedness research programs…

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Maurice Moore

Implementation Evaluation Consultant – Family Strengthening Programs

Maurice Moore is President of Capacity Development Associates, LLC, a company he founded in 2010. Prior to establishing Capacity Development Associates, Mr. Moore…

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Michael O’Malley

Program Consultant

With over 20 years of experience working with government and nonprofit/NGO consulting, Michael O’Malley has worked with AMTC in various capacities since the early 2000s….

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Partner Organizations

Two Island Solutions LLC.

Data Management and Reporting Systems

Two Island Solutions LLC developed and operates the Online Participant Tracking System (OPTS). Two Island has worked very closely with the AMTC Evaluation team to support…

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UWM Research and Theoretical Framework Team

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University of Texas at Austin
Child & Family Research Partnership Department

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