Program Evaluation

This essential organizational practice places a priority on achieving effective outcomes as well as the goal to grow and sustain the organization. When program managers conduct strong, practical evaluations from the start, the findings are better positioned to inform program management, improve program effectiveness and increase program sustainability.

At AMTC, we customize program evaluation services to meet unique client needs, using analytic methods and tools that include:

  • Theoretical framework consultation
  • Logic models
  • OPTS – Online data collection, tracking and reporting
  • Evidence-Based Program Content Review
  • Outcome evaluation
  • Implementation evaluation


AMTC’s goal is not only to help organizations measure performance but also to ingrain higher standards that encourage assessments as part of continuous quality improvement so nonprofit organizations regularly interpret and use data effectively.

Data-driven solutions, such as our exclusive Online Participant Tracking System (OPTS), assist in data collection, reporting and analysis. A team of Evaluation Systems Analysts helps clients interpret data and make program improvements in real time through assistance with regular monitoring and reporting.

Our services include:

  • Developing meaningful and measurable indicators.
  • Setting measurable and time-framed targets and goals for programs.
  • Assisting clients in developing their internal systems to collect, monitor and export data to accurately report to funders, including the upload to federal and state systems.
  • Custom designing our web-based data management and reporting system, the
  • Online Participant Tracking System (OPTS), for each client to collect performance measures for federal and state programs. OPTS adapts quickly to funders’ programmatic changes while retaining data already collected.


Our program evaluation services also include bi-weekly evaluation client briefings and routine data, CEO, funder and community briefing reports – all designed to aid in long-term program sustainability.

Program Planning & Development



Online Participant Tracking System