About AMTC

Since AMTC’s inception in 1997, founder Angela Turner and her associates have consulted with more than 40 schools, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations to measure performance and evaluate over 170 programs in over 250 communities across 23 states, leveraging more than $500 million in sustainable federal, state, and local programs.

AMTC capitalizes on the deep expertise of its founder, who brings over 30 years of experience to AMTC, and her core team of more than 25 associates, including Ph.D. researchers and consultants with extensive experience in implementing and evaluating state and federal programs.

With their broad national, state, and local partnerships, AMTC has helped small to large community-based organizations successfully deliver program services to participants across a wide array of grant types—from adolescent pregnancy prevention to workforce development—with a special focus on increasing family engagement and economic independence.

Our Mission

To deliver premier professional services that support organizational growth and sustainability and promote community development.

Our Vision

AMTC strives to remain a trusted advisor to our clients and a thought leader within public sector consulting. We will continue to enable our clients to deliver high-quality programs that enhance the lives of individuals in communities and society at large.

Our Values

Integrity: We do what is right and just.

Pursuit of Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our individual and collective commitments.

Collaboration: We work together to achieve goals.

New to AMTC & Associates?

We invite you to discover the improved quality our solutions can deliver to organizations like yours. If you are a funder, you’ll appreciate our superior approach to vetting organizations and building their capacity.