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Program Planning and Development

Our team of expert program planners can help establish a new program for your organization or help an established program reach new capacity.

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Program Evaluation

This essential practice places a priority on achieving effective outcomes as well as growing and sustaining the organization.

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Performance Measurement

AMTC’s performance measurement tools and systems help nonprofit clients monitor progress, improve outputs and outcomes, and make informed decisions on long-term program viability.

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Sustainable Planning

AMTC will work with your staff to create a road map for sustainability and growth by assessing and planning long-term goals, activities, and timelines.

Benefit from our participant tracking system

The Online Participant Tracking System (OPTS) is a versatile participation tracking, case management, data aggregation and reporting tool that can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of any program. OPTS enables program management and staff, along with evaluation team members, to manage all aspects of a variety of programs online.