Torri Childs

Evaluation Consultant – Field Research Associate

Torri Childs joined AMTC in 2015 as a field researcher. In this position, she has taken a leadership role in overseeing eight federally funded adolescent pregnancy prevention programs, nine federally funded sexual risk avoidance education programs, and three U.S Department of Labor workforce reentry programs. Childs is a regular trainer on implementation, evaluation, and community collaboration for adolescent pregnancy prevention, sexual risk avoidance, workforce reentry, and positive youth development projects.

Childs previously worked as a program director with Mission West Virginia, overseeing adolescent pregnancy prevention, positive youth development, and family strengthening programs throughout the state of West Virginia. She provided management and supervision of federal and state grants totaling $2.4 million annually.

As an AMTC field researcher, Childs uses her experience to assist AMTC clients to build and maintain professional and collaborative relationships among program partners, service sites, community organizations, public schools, group homes, and other entities related to AMTC clients’ program services. She also assists clients in overseeing program implementation, including curriculum selection, development, and updates; development of innovative program delivery methods; monitoring of database entry and support, preparing grant-required documents and reports, overseeing budgets, and facilitating training for staff development.

Childs received two master’s degrees, one in counseling and the other in sports psychology at West Virginia University, and earned her bachelor’s degrees in psychology and exercise & sports science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has completed training certifications in several areas, including evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention and healthy relationships and marriage education curricula; trauma-informed care, sexual assault and domestic violence, child maltreatment, and sustainability. She is also a trainer in performance measurement systems.


  • Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
  • Youth Risk Prevention/Positive Youth Development
  • Healthy Marriage/Relationship Education
  • Offender Reentry
  • Trauma-Informed Approaches
  • Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education/Family-Strengthening


  • Collaboration & Partnership Formation
  • Program Development, Training and Management – curriculum, sustainability, staffing
  • Evaluation Design and Administration – logic model, online database, surveys, focus groups, staff monitoring, fidelity monitoring
  • Federal Reporting
  • Grant Writing