Performance Measurement

AMTC’s performance measurement tools and systems help nonprofit clients monitor progress, improve outcomes and make informed decisions on long-term program viability.

For example, we partner with clients and government funders to document program success. AMTC’s experience with implementation or process evaluation allows clients to make midcourse programmatic corrections and achieve intended outcomes. For example, key informant interviews and focus group research capabilities can identify program strengths and gaps and quickly obtain qualitative answers to program management questions.

AMTC’s performance management experts have extensive experience working with federal- and state-funded programs that our clients do business with or seek to do business with. This expertise, combined with our state-of-the-art data system, OPTS, allows us to quickly build relationships with client organizations and help them set metrics and goals.

Our teams include subject matter experts in multiple areas – pregnancy prevention, healthy relationship and marriage education, offender reentry, substance use treatment programs, Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma informed care, workforce development and sector-based employment models.

We have worked with over 40 organizations to measure performance in over 120 programs in over 180 communities throughout the nation. OPTS has been custom designed to collect performance measurement data in over 75 of those programs.

AMTC assists organizations in leveraging established data systems, too. Our performance measurement experts provide training and technical assistance to help clients understand funder measurement and reporting systems.

We also have the capacity to upload measures into federal and state systems as we have done for federal Department of Labor and Health and Human Services programs.

Our aim is to help the client effectively gauge overall programmatic performance and allocate resources in ways that optimize services.

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