Online Participant Tracking System

The Online Participant Tracking System (OPTS) is a versatile participation tracking, case management, data aggregation and reporting tool that can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of any program. OPTS enables program management and staff, along with evaluation team members, to manage all aspects of a variety of programs online. OPTS further addresses the challenges presented by decentralized service delivery approaches by enabling staff to interact and collaborate online throughout the duration of the funded program. OPTS can operate either as a sole data capture and reporting solution for small programs / organizations, or work in concert with existing data systems, to provide a configurable case management or class management solution for specific programs within an organization. Through its extensively configurable enrollment and case management functions, as well as its broad reporting and data export capabilities, OPTS provides organizations and programs of all sizes a robust solution to manage the full life cycle or one or many programs and grants.

OPTS Metrics – Tracking By External Output

OPTS enables management staff to track progress against plan metrics in real time, including unduplicated enrollment by external output, hours completed to date, participation rates and completion rates. Each external output can be expanded to the site level to track metrics by clicking the icon, which allows program management staff to monitor metrics at the partner and site level.

OPTS Metrics – Tracking Target & Actual Enrollment at the Partner, Site and Class Levels

The OPTS Dashboard also provides a hierarchical view of key data for Partners, Sites, Cases, Events and Classes. User may drill down to the class level by clicking the icon.

OPTS: Unduplicated Enrollment Process

The OPTS enrollment forms are designed to provide a customized way to capture all required program and evaluation data, enforces program rules and ensures that participant enrollments are unduplicated.

After the first name, last name and date of birth are entered, the system identifies or partial matches for any current enrollment records and prompts the educator to select an existing participant record if it exists.

Program management staff can also merge participant enrollments if later in the process when data entry duplication occurs. OPTS records a complete audit trail of all actions on a case, class enrollment and classes/activities for evaluation and program management use. This helps guard against accidental data loss, providing programs with a high degree of data security.

OPTS: Recording Program Attendance & Curriculum Delivery

For classroom service delivery programs, OPTS utilizes a color-coded class calendar and user-friendly class creation, enrollment and attendance entry workflow to enable educators to quickly create classes with on recurring days and times, enroll participants through a customized, program-specific enrollment form, and record attendance for each class period and lesson in the curriculum. OPTS further notifies educators when attendance entry is overdue, through the Alerts system, and prompts them to either complete attendance entry, or cancel and reschedule the period if necessary.

OPTS: Case Management & Activities

For programs utilizing case management, OPTS provide customized and extensible case management tools that can be applied to a variety of program models, from youth programs to employment programs.. The OPTS case management solution can operate as a standalone component for service delivery under a specific grant or program, or be utilized by organizations as a program specific solution, which feeds data to larger pre-existing data management and reporting solutions that have already been established. OPTS allows you to customize and adapt to changing service delivery requirements, while existing seamlessly alongside your enterprise-wide systems.

OPTS: Customized Reporting & Data Extract

OPTS includes a configurable and customizable reporting engine that allows program management staff to get what they need out of the system (for reporting, statistical analysis or general program monitoring) when they need it. Reports are generated in Excel compatible format or in custom PDF layouts.

OPTS: Alerts Engine to Ensure Accuracy & Fidelity

The OPTS Alerts engine allows program staff and evaluators to monitor case program outputs and fidelity in real time. Alerts are generated when scheduled activities are past expected entry date by a specific number of days. For example, alerts are generated when attendance hasn’t been entered into the system within 5 days of scheduled class period or if a lesson is delivered out of sequence.