Matthew Sanville

Research and Evaluation Intern

Matthew Sanville joined AMTC in the fall of 2021, as a graduate student and intern.  During his undergraduate and graduate studies, Matt developed knowledge, skill, and expertise aligned with the mission and purpose of AMTC and Associates.

Sanville has gained exposure in many different fields of research during his time as an undergraduate student. He participated in the synthesis of novel organic compounds in an organic chemistry lab. Similarly, in a microbiology lab, Sanville played a critical role in literature review and production of a microbial media that helped facilitate the growth of a previously unresearched bacteria living in Lake Michigan. In the College of Health Sciences at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, Sanville participated in a systematic literature review aiming to find an operationalized definition of psychological stress.

As an intern at AMTC, Sanville looks forward to providing support in research and evaluation. He hopes to acquire skills in evaluation of mental health services, programming in R (statistical software) with applications in applied statistics, and reporting and dissemination of evaluation findings.

Sanville is currently completing his graduate degree at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health. He will be graduating in 2023 with a Master of Science in Biostatistics. Sanville earned his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee.


  • Quantitative Science
  • Adaptability
  • Research
  • Advisory Support


  • Literature Review
  • Basic Statistics
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Visualization with ArcGIS Software