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My experience with AMTC & Associates has been both a positive and rewarding experience. Their staff is unparalleled at providing an array of technical assistance and evaluation services specifically designed for the project at hand. I have always received prompt replies to questions and concerns, and if research is needed to answer a question, the request is handled with speed and efficiency. AMTC & Associates personnel are flexible and creative in assisting my staff in making changes and helping them meet challenges during implementation and during the life of a program. The most impressive aspect in working with AMTC & Associates is the organizational culture and their demonstrated passion for excellence.

Greg Delozier    Former VP, Field Operations - OICA   

Our nonprofit began working with AMTC & Associates in 2007, when the company provided us with evaluation services for a grant project. Since then, working with their professionals has enabled us to secure three multi-year federal grants providing teen pregnancy prevention, abstinence education and healthy marriage/relationship curriculum to middle and high school students across West Virginia. Through the insightful guidance and wonderful evaluation services of AMTC & Associates, we have been able to prove the impact of these projects, allowing us to continue to improve the lives of young West Virginians. I can’t describe how much I appreciate their hard work and commitment.

David Rogers    Executive Director - Mission West Virginia   

My experience with AMTC & Associates has been stellar. I first met Angela Turner approximately ten years ago and to date, AMTC & Associates remains one of my most trusted strategic advisors and business partners. It is indeed a partnership. One of the many things that I enjoy most about working with Angela and her team is their commitment to excellence and unmatched work ethic. They engage as if they, too, work for your agency, as opposed to an external entity. Together, we have achieved unprecedented success, and I would recommend their services to anyone who is need of a solid firm that cares about their agencies’ growth and development.

Newton B. Sanon    President/CEO - OIC of South Florida   

The Fathers’ Support Center St. Louis (FSC) has had the pleasure of working with AMTC & Associates in the areas of Program Performance Management, Measurement and Development of Measurement Tools over the last five years. They have proven to be highly skilled in providing Technical Assistance (TA) in the area of Grant Writing and Grant Management. Through our partnership, we more than doubled our service provision to our client population and have provided a higher quality of measurable services to our client population. Additionally, our staff size and budget have more than doubled due to the growth in client numbers. We also have received TA from AMTC & Associates centered around sustainability.

AMTC & Associates has been instrumental in researching and assisting FSC with the implementation of the most current evidence-based models and training to implement those models. Their attention to the details of each new training session made learning easy and fun for our staff.

Halbert Sullivan    CEO - Fathers' Support Center   

In 2011, I became the new director of a 130 employee Child Support agency. This was just weeks prior to our agency’s application for a three-year, $5.4 million Administration for Children and Families federal grant. I was new to the Child Support program and suddenly thrown into the deep end putting together a team of ten area non-profit agencies to serve 1,800 low-income fathers each year. Without the right partners, our chance for failure was great, and failure would mean not only the loss of revenue and positions in my agency and others, but a lost opportunity to provide meaningful fatherhood related services to thousands of indigent men in difficult circumstances.
For my agency’s success, the right partner was Angela Turner of AMTC & Associates. Angela demonstrates reassuring professionalism across the spectrum of social services grant program evaluation and management. With her guidance, we put together the rest of our ten-entity team and won the grant award. This took considerable expertise, and oftentimes adroit political and interpersonal skills in managing the personalities and non-profits involved, as well as being cognizant of their own histories and interrelationships.

When we were confronted in the first year with challenges in obtaining sufficient referrals to meet the grant numbers, Angela led our development of a plan to identify the problem and fix it. We’ve met our goal numbers in nearly every metric since that time and have never missed reporting deadlines. The grant program has resulted in thousands of low income men receiving services in the areas of healthy marriage, responsible parenting and economic self-sufficiency, which has brought them closer to their goals of being capable and involved parents. For my Child Support agency, it’s meant consistent increases in our performance and repositioning Child Support as an active social service partner in the community, serving all members of our participant families.
That successful three-year grant program has since been renewed for subsequent years. The opportunity to interact with other grant recipients at Federal Grantee conferences greatly enhanced my confidence that we had a strong, highly organized and professional partner in Angela. Her national reputation within social services grant operation circles served my agency and our grant well. She knows everybody, and they know her and her work. I enthusiastically recommend her work.

Jim Sullivan    Director - Milwaukee County Child Support Services   

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee has enjoyed a long and productive collaboration with AMTC & Associates. Since 2001, Angela and her team have provided the vision, direction, technology and training required to assist the Clubs in actively seeking, securing, implementing and managing a cadre of significant federal awards valued at more than $11.5M. Their extraordinary professionalism and responsiveness are uncommon these days, yet absolutely essential in today’s competitive field of federal project procurement, management and evaluation. Thank you AMTC & Associates for nearly 15 years of dynamic and valuable partnership!

Dave Knutson    VP-Government Affairs & Special Initiatives - Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee   

I have never worked with a more professional, caring and committed group of individuals than AMTC & Associates. It starts from the top with Angela. She is professional, intelligent and always does an outstanding job with performance. I encourage anyone who wants great results for a project to contact AMTC & Associates.

Paulette Fox    Executive Director - OIC New Britain   

Angela, thank you so much for all your work! I never want to become stagnated in my position and am always looking for ways to expand myself. For that reason, I’m even more appreciative to work with someone who provides so much insight, dedication and knowledge of things beyond me.

Kelly Thompson    Associate Director - Mission West Virginia   

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