Sara Woods new background SQ

Sara Woods

Senior Evaluation Associate

Sara has worked with AMTC since 2007 and has worked on providing evaluation systems and services for federally funded family strengthening projects dating back to 2005, when she was employed by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Center for Urban Initiatives and Research. In this capacity she has provided leadership in developing performance measurement, program fidelity and evaluation systems for government funded programs. Sara currently oversees evaluation systems related to project performance measurement and data fidelity systems (Online Participant Tracking System (OPTS), surveys, data integrity, training and reporting). She also serves as the evaluation project liaison to AMTC clients and oversees the survey systems for AMTC clients. Sara has lead responsibility for creating specifications of data collection instruments, implementing processes for distribution and collection of surveys, managing web-based data systems to conform with funder requirements, analyzing data, and producing funder-required data reports and statistical reports on evaluation results. She also oversees the work of independent evaluators. Since 2007, she has worked on over 40 client programs and over 80 evaluation reports in the areas of teen pregnancy and healthy marriage and relationship education, responsible fatherhood, adult mentoring, offender reentry, substance abuse and workforce development/green jobs grants. She has been featured at HHS conferences multiple times due to her extensive work with these programs on formative and summative evaluation. Sara previously worked for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for Urban Initiatives and Research (CUIR), working on surveys and data processing in support of teen pregnancy prevention and healthy marriage and relationship education grants. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
  • Healthy Marriage/Relationship Programs
  • Youth Character Development /Youth Risk Prevention Programs
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health Services
  • Administration Programs
  • Workforce Development
  • Training and Development
  • Federal Report Writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Implementation Measurement and Program Fidelity Tools
  • Technical Assistance Online
  • Data Systems
  • Statistical Processing Software