Ryan Adomavich edited SQ

Ryan Adomavich

Senior Evaluation Associate

Since 2007, Ryan Adomavich has worked with AMTC in evaluation services. He currently plays an extensive role with AMTC’s overall collection of program data for numerous projects, in particular, Online Participant Tracking System (OPTS) and Information, Family Outcomes, Reporting, and Management (nFORM). He also serves as a project liaison to an AMTC client’s federally funded sexual risk avoidance education program. Previously, Ryan had been largely responsible for coordinating the pre- and post-program survey production, distribution, collection, and processing for more than 25 AMTC client projects. His survey experience includes processing tens of thousands of surveys. Ryan continues this survey work, albeit on a much more limited basis, providing frequencies, charts, graphs, and outcome reports for select projects. Additionally, he is a liaison for multiple projects in the production and distribution of federal performance measurement data by way of statistical programs such as OMR Remark, Microsoft Excel, and SPSS. He gained his first data management experiences through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for Urban Initiatives and Research where he worked on survey development and administration and data processing.

Ryan also provides technical assistance and support to educators, case managers, and clients to ensure implementation plans are adhered to and programs are delivered with fidelity. He works closely with AMTC’s data collection software consultants to ensure fluidity and fidelity of AMTC’s web-based OPTS system. He has worked on more than 50 projects that use OPTS and continues to provide training and technical assistance to AMTC clients in various programmatic areas.

Curriculum training expertise is another area Ryan has developed. He is a certified trainer in several teen pregnancy prevention curricula, including Promoting Health Among Teens (PHAT), Draw the Line (DTL), and Relationship Smarts Plus (RQ+). Ryan has a bachelor’s degree in film studies from UWM.


  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Responsible Fatherhood Education
  • Healthy Marriage/Relationship Education
  • Youth Risk Prevention/Juvenile Delinquency
  • Workforce Development/Transitional Jobs/Vocational Preparedness
  • Substance Abuse
  • Web-based data systems including Online Participant Tracking System, Information, Family Outcomes, Reporting and Management (nFORM); Efforts to Outcomes (ETO)
  • Statistical programs such as OMR Remark, Microsoft Excel and SPSS


  • Program development, training and management—curriculum, case management, staffing
  • Evaluation design and administration – logic model, online database, surveys, focus groups, staff monitoring, fidelity monitoring
  • Federal grant data monitoring, analyzing and reporting
  • Online data systems—design, management and monitoring
  • Statistical processing software