Angela M. Turner


Recognized for her real-time research and program strategies that help organizations mobilize and respond to opportunities, Angela Turner brings together a team of Ph.D. researchers, evaluation consultants, and other associates to assist clients in successfully implementing and evaluating large-scale, government-funded programs.

For over 30 years, Angela has provided training programs and technical assistance for large-scale programs funded by the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and Justice. Her expertise lies in assisting nonprofits to build capacity to professionally design, operate, and evaluate federal grants. Angela transfers lessons learned from evidence-based program management to AMTC’s network of community-based nonprofit organizations located in 250 communities across 23 states.

Angela and her team have provided evaluation services for over 158 programs in the areas of teen pregnancy prevention, healthy marriage and relationship, fatherhood, workforce development, offender reentry, substance abuse, and nonprofit capacity building. She and her associates have worked with community and faith-based nonprofit organizations to help them develop capacity to create and implement programs that total more than $410 million in federal, state, and local revenue.

Prior to starting AMTC & Associates, Angela gained experience planning large-scale workforce development, welfare reform, and one-stop career center service delivery systems in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In that role, she led a multi-year planning process to transition Milwaukee’s county-based welfare system to the community-based Wisconsin Works (W2) Program. Angela’s work in welfare reform has been showcased internationally, including in the Netherlands and Israel. She is a regular speaker at federal conferences and community events.

Angela earned a Bachelor of Management and Communication from Concordia University. She has completed certification in several areas: as a trainer in evidence-based curricula, including teen pregnancy prevention and healthy relationships and marriage education; as a risk and needs assessment specialist in Level of Service/Case Management Inventory, as a family development specialist, in trauma-informed care, and in motivational interviewing. She is also a trainer in a variety of performance measurement systems.


  • Family-Strengthening
  • Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education
  • Mentoring Children of Prisoners
  • Offender Reentry
  • Responsible Fatherhood
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Welfare Reform
  • Workforce Development, including Sector-Based Credential
  • Youth Character Development / Youth Risk Prevention Programs


  • Community Assessment
  • Collaborations and Partnership Formation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Grant Writing
  • Program Development, Training and Management – curriculum, case management, staffing
  • Evaluation Design and Administration – logic model, online database, surveys, focus groups, staff monitoring, fidelity monitoring