Fathers’ Support Center in St. Louis Promotes Responsible Parenting.

Fathers’ Support Center in St. Louis Promotes Responsible Parenting

Sometimes the most extraordinary stories are about the most ordinary moments. A father spends a Sunday afternoon with his son; they watch football, root for the same team, share a bag of chips and work on homework together until they doze off side by side on the couch. There are smiles, laughs, and shared feelings of love and security.

But through modern society’s looking glass, it’s too often seen that non-custodial fathers don’t experience these kinds of Sundays. They are expected to provide support for their children through one specific means: cash. These fathers, who are separated from their children for various reasons, are taught that money or expensive gifts are the keys to good parenting. While it’s true that being financially responsible is indeed an important aspect of fatherhood, another vital facet is physical presence. It’s gifts of time and love that foster meaningful relationships with children.

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