Funders and Clients

This listing of funders and clients demonstrates many of the types of programs we specialize in. As you will see, some of these client relationships are over 10 years old and still going strong.


Statewide Services in Illinois

In September 2017, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) contracted with AMTC & Associates (AMTC) in partnership with Abstinence and Marriage Education Resources (AMR) to provide abstinence education to between 10,000 and 20,000 youth throughout Illinois. Through this program, facilitator training, curriculum delivery kits, and student workbooks are provided free of charge to public and private schools, as well as to nonprofit organizations that serve youth. Through an arrangement with the ISBE, educators who attend trainings receive professional development credits. The program is known as the Illinois State Abstinence Program (ISAP).


Statewide Services in Illinois
Scott Phelps
Founder & Executive Director

Title V Abstinence Education Program

St. Louis City and County, MO
Malik Ahmed
Founder and CEO


Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Workforce Development, Sector-Based Employment and Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education

Southern West Virginia
Oraetta Hubbard

Executive Director

West Virginia Title V

St. Louis, MO
Carolyn Seward

Executive Director

Workforce Development, Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education

St. Louis, MO and St. Louis County
Halbert Sullivan
President and CEO

Fatherhood, Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Offender Reentry and Workforce Development

Milwaukee County, WI
James Sullivan


Milwaukee County Dept. of Child Support Services:
Fatherhood, Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education, and Workforce Development

Milwaukee County Office on African American Affairs:
Workforce Development and Workforce Mapping Project

Statewide Services in West Virginia
David Rogers
Executive Director


Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Competitive Abstinence Education, Sexual Risk Avoidance Education, Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education, West Virginia Title V

Philadelphia, PA & Numerous Affiliated Organizations Nationwide
James Haynes
President & CEO


Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Reentry Demonstration Projects for Young Adults, Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education, Workforce Development, Sector-Based Employment, Nonprofit Capacity Building

Broward & Miami-Dade Counties, FL
Newton Sanon
President & CEO

Workforce Development, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs, Sexual Risk Avoidance Education, Personal Responsibility Education, Offender Reentry, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education grant funded programs

Southeastern West Virginia
Kristi Atha-Radar

West Virginia Title V

North Central West Virginia
Joe Morris

Interim Executive Director

West Virginia Title V

Miami-Dade County, FL
Pastor Linda Freeman
Executive Director


Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Sexual Risk Avoidance Education, Personal Responsibility Education, Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education